Extreme Battery Drain after Nougat Update

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Extreme Battery Drain after Nougat Update

Postprzez kevinmanuel » 27 mar 2018, o 09:29


Is anyone having serious battery drain after the nougat update? My phone went from great battery life to awful. I am charging at least twice a day if not more now. I have tried the below steps to troubleshoot and nothing has helped. Even with the phone in Max power saving mode the battery still drains in my pocket.
Wiping cache partition
Installing Package Disabler Pro to disable bloatware
Factory reset
I took it to a Samsung rep at Best Buy and his only suggestion was "wait for a patch, or upgrade to an S8". Below is a screenshot, took it off the charger less than two hours ago with very light use only on Instagram and I only have 3 hours left on the battery? Any help would be appreciated!!!

Please help.

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